Warehouse Flooring & Loading Dock

Warehouse Floor

The purpose of Warehouse floor is to carry the load of the entire operation and is also the base for the racking systems and the surface on which the material handling equipment and other machineries run.


The warehouse floors should be capable of supporting applied loads without cracking or deforming, with minimum number of maintenance free joints and have tolerance suitable for material handling system to be used.


Also, the load bearing floor should be highly resistant to abrasion to be dust free, have resistance to any impacts and oil spills, smooth but non-slippery, easy to clean and highly durable. The right type of flooring having flatness and levelness finished in line with international specification and standards, ensures proper movement, stability, and increases the productivity in the facility as well. It also creates a safe and pleasant working environment.


“Right Warehouse” understands the importance and significance of the floor in warehousing sector. We consider all known load factors, MHE traffic, impacts and finishing of floor, and accordingly, choose the right materials for construction of floor so that it can serve to most of the storage goods profiles and fulfill all requirements.


Loading Dock Area

Loading docks and Truck landing area in front of loading docks are one of the key locations in a warehouse as it is the primary location of the movement of product, coming in and out of a facility. Both Loading docks and truck landing area must be as efficient as the facility it serves.


Designing a loading dock area that is both safe and efficient is most crucial stage of planning process. A poorly designed loading dock area could affect productivity of the warehouse facility and lead to a significant loss of time.



Types of Loading Docks

Flush Dock

1Flush docks are the most commonly used dock design today. Less expensive.


2Enclosed dock design allows the truck to park inside the building during loading when climate control, product protection, security and overhead lift capabilities are required. Very expensive and consumes good useable space of the facility.


3Open dock design should have a canopy to limit weather exposure. Expensive


4Saw tooth dock design is used when there is limited maneuvering space. However, extra building space is required when using this designs. Expensive than open dock construction.

Loading dock design plays an important part in ensuring the proficient movement of product. 


Service include

  • Construction of dock area
  • Installation of dock equipment
  • Dock doors – Selecting suitable warehouse doors for loading & unloading bay
  • Dock Leveller – selection of dock leveller


Internal Roads & Parking area

Internal roads and parking area plays important roles in warehouse projects. We construct periphery roads based on grading plans prepared in line with loading dock area and truck landing area.

You can rely on us for optimal design of warehouse floor, loading bay area and internal roads as we have experience and expertise in this domain.


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