Industrial & Warehouse Floor Construction

Well laid quality Flooring adds another layer of protection to the investment.

Everything that happens in a warehouse needs a solid platform on which all activities are carried out. The floor not only carries the load of the entire operation but also is the base for the racking systems and the surface on which the materials handling equipment and other machineries run.


A warehouse floor should have high load bearing capacity, capable enough to carry high weight of storage goods for stacking and racking and able to withstand heavy movement of material handling equipment. The floor should be tough enough to resist any impacts, abrasion, slippery, oil spills, dusting, and easy to clean quickly and efficiently as well. Moreover, the floor should be easy to maintain and highly durable.


RWH Company understands the importance and significance of the floor in warehousing sector. While designing the floor, we consider all known load factors, MHE traffic, floor impacts, floor finishing and accordingly, choose the right materials for construction of floor so that it can serve to most of the storage goods profiles and fulfill all requirements.


RWH Company constructs the floor using steel fiber reinforced concrete construction method confirming floor flatness specifications to international standards. Steel fiber reinforced concrete floor is cheaper and can be installed considerably faster than floors reinforced with traditional mesh reinforcement, resulting in a high-quality and cost-effective warehouse floor.


Having the right flooring in the warehouse facility ensures proper movement, stability, and increases productivity. Rightly done Concrete floor not only saves time and money but also reduces high recurring maintenance cost.


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