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Warehousing & Storage

“Right Warehousing Solutions LLP” as Asset based storage and warehousing company, understands the complexities involved in warehousing and distribution centers across supply chain system and intends to eliminate some of the issues faced by our customers.


Owning the facility through strategic partnership, ‘Right Warehouse’ provides true adaptability with the facility and stability for your products. It adds an additional element of flexibility that we provide to our customers. With an asset and management based warehousing company like ours, customers are assured that they can continue their business in the same premises as long as they want to, without any disruptions. As customers deal directly with owners for their requirement, be it the need for more space or any additional work force requirement or equipment, it will be taken care timely with ease.


The customers with limited inventory with limited budget or who wants to meet seasonal demands, can use our multi-tenant facility and have liberty to pay only for the storage space consumed and associated handling charges.  We also provide dedicated warehouse as required by the customers and operates exclusively for them.

Warehouse Functions


Our services

  • Goods receiving, loading to onward shipping, and Storage facility
  • Non-palletized and palletized goods storage
  • Racked and Stack Storage, and shelving
  • Mechanical and manual handling of goods
  • Stock control and stock management
  • Pick, pack and labeling
  • Delivery order processing
  • Computerized stock report
  • Compliance & audit report
  • Plus ….Customized warehousing solutions

Benefits to customers

  • Safe, Clean and Secured inventory management
  • Flexible and scalable options
  • Better and Improved operational efficiency
  • Reduction of overall supply chain cost
  • Defined, consistent and reduced delivery cost
  • Savings on capital expenditure and administrative cost
  • No associated problems with staffing, vacations or sick leaves, maintenance charges, utility bill issues
  • Customized stock reports on weekly and also on demand
  • Ability to focus on core competency
  • Reduced risk
  • Fully insured warehouse building
  • Pre-installed Firefighting equipment
  • Material handling equipment (MHE)
  • CCTV camera surveillance and wall fencing guarded by security guards 24/7.
  • Pest control
  • Power back up

CLICK HERE for warehouse details/ facilities available in OmKiran Warehouse Ghaziabad.


Contact us at 9582 33 8989 or email at warehouse@rightwarehouse.com.