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Fitouts, WMS Automation - Organization

What we offer

Our warehouse design provides complete service from facility layout plan and fit-out services to completion and all services in between. Designing of workflow- material flow path, space planning for storage systems, handling equipment and working space, and setting up and organizing the warehouse as per the requirement. Our fit-out covers the supply and installation of storage systems, handling equipment, warehouse essential products and accessories, and much more as required. We work with clients and produce a productive and safe working environment that meets their requirements and budget on time.

Warehouse Design & Space Planning

Space for Storing goods on pallet racks, shelves, mezzanines or block storage/storage on floors

Space earmarked for slow-moving stocks, dead stocks, return stocks

Aisle design

Work area, processing area- packing/unpacking area,

In-bound, out-bound area, inspection area


Workflow design/materials, people flow path design

Office, amenities

Warehouse Organization

Setting up of Warehouses

Setting up of Distribution centers

Setting up of Fulfilment centers

Setting up of Dark stores/ in-city facility

Setting up of Open Yard Storage Facility

Warehouse Fit-out
Warehouse Storage Racks Industrial Shelves and Mezzanine Floors
Material Handling and Warehouse Equipment including wire mesh partition walls and warehouse essentials
Lighting Fixtures
Sprinkler system and In-Rack Sprinkler System
HVAC System
In-Plant office and facility for other application
CCTV, PA Systems, Security Systems and Accessories
Tagout products, and other safety tags & signs or as required
Warehouse Labels, Markings, Signs
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