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Delivering design efficiency into warehouse projects

‘Right Warehouse Marketing ’ distinguish itself through unparalleled service for those who entrust us with their warehouse projects. However, success in leasing a warehouse project requires more than just exceptional service. We go beyond by offering specific guarantees aimed at minimizing your risk and cutting down on expenses.

Our guarantee

Together, we will make your investment profitable for years to come.

Our Proactive Approach To Reducing Vacancy

Our responsibility goes beyond merely leasing out your project. It starts with identifying qualified tenants for your project followed by tenant management, assisting you in collecting the lease, and periodic inspection in-between tenancy ensuring the proper maintenance of the premises. We maintain detailed records for every inspection, a practice that enables us to promptly address any tenant-related issues that may arise during periods of vacancy in the warehouse premises.

When the current tenant vacates the premises, we start the process again to secure new tenants promptly and ensure the space remains occupied at the earliest possible time, enabling you to consistently generate income from your project. This proactive approach starts 75 days before the tenant leaves to effectively reduce vacancy as much as possible.

Leasing Guarantee

If we don’t secure a tenant within 30 days, we waive your engagement/onboarding  fee

Tenant Guarantee
If your tenant breaks their lease contract in the first 6 months, we will find a new tenant for free
Response Time Guarantee
We provide a 24-hour response time guarantee for all our clients.
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