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Identifying Ideal locations for warehouses in the supply chain becomes more challenging and an important decision for any business. The selection of warehouse locations significantly influences transportation costs, and labour costs, among other factors. Therefore, a thorough analysis of warehouse locations becomes necessary and unavoidable.


Land parcels identification

We conduct due diligence and location analysis before listing land parcels, ensuring their suitability for warehouse development. Our process involves comprehensive research and investigations, with the engagement of experienced professionals to guarantee a thorough and accurate assessment before consideration and listing of the land parcels.

- Title and Ownership- verify the land's legal ownership, and check for any encumbrances, liens, easements, or restrictions on the property
- Zoning and Land use – local zoning regulations, and land use restrictions to ensure the land is suitable for intended use
- Survey and Boundaries – Get a recent land survey to confirm boundary measurements or survey the land to ensure the land size matches the description on the document.
- Physical Inspection - inspect the topography of the land, soil quality and any potential hazards to evaluate whether the land is suitable for the intended use
- Utilities and Infrastructure – assess availability of water and electricity and connections to external roads and drainage systems
- Market Valuation – evaluate the market price and obtain a professional appraisal to determine the fair market value of the land
- Financial Analysis – review the financial records such as taxes, assessments, and any outstanding debts of the land property including potential costs for land development.
- Permits and Approvals – understand the process and timeline for obtaining necessary permits and approvals required for the intended use of the land
- Risks and Liabilities – Assess potential risks and liabilities associated with the property
- Future Development Potential – Explore any potential for future development or changes in the surrounding area that could impact the property or its market value.

Due diligence is crucial for assessing the legal, financial, and physical condition of the property, as well as identifying any potential risks or liabilities associated with the land parcel.

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