Right Warehousing Solutions LLP

  • Complete Operations and Management services
  • Inventory Management
  • Organization -warehouse Slotting / Pick-away
  • Order Management
  • Return Management& Return Logistics
  • Warehouse Design and Layout Optimization including racking layout
  • Value-added Services
  • Storage & Warehousing
  • Cross Dock Warehousing
  • Distribution warehouse and Fulfilments
  • E-commerce
  • Quick E-commerce
  • Refrigerated warehouse and cold storage

Own fleet of trucks and 3rd party transporters asstrategic partners, we provide transportation/delivery of goods across India.

  1. Intracity – local / city delivery vehicles
  2. 2-wheelers (Outsource/arrange vehicles)
  3. Refrigerated Vehicles (( Outsource/arrange vehicles)
  4. Intercity Long-Haul trucks (Milk-run application if required)
  1. Quick Day delivery (if needed)
  2. Same-day delivery
  3. 24 hours to 48 hours delivery

We have well-experienced staff and trained resources to provide customized operations and warehouse management services

  1. Inbound – Receiving, scheduling staff& workers
  2. Stocks &Inventory – Organizing space forstorage,
  3. Order Process/Fulfilling orders - Slotting,picking, Sorting, packing
  4. Outbound - Dispatch and Transportation
  5. Sales return process
  6. Maintaining the facility, housekeeping, security of storage goods
  7. Efficient communication between all stakeholders, Real-Time Reporting

Value Added Services – Kitting,

-Packing & repacking,

-Labelling & re-labelling,

Add-on Services

  1. Vendor Management
  2. Softwareintegration: overseeing the integration of WMS software, barcode, RFID /labelling for tracking the location of SKUs
  3. Real-time cargo tracking and Monitoring

Optional Services

  1. Locating ideal space for warehousing services
  2. Warehouse design and layout optimization
  3. Warehouse set up
  4. MHE management
  5. Safety Management
  1. Infrastructure
  2. Utilities
  3. Security

Key Warehouse Management team members: 10+

Contract basis team members – 120+ people


  1. Experienced in managing large-scale warehouse operations handling around 2.5 lacks sq. ft area.
  2. Well-qualified and experienced staff equipped with knowledge, expertise and capabilities to support the warehousing and logistics needs of our clients in all possible ways.
  3. Enough own fleets to feed the market.
  4. Sound and stable financial background.
  5. As all warehousing and logistics services (3PL services) are being provided by us only, under one roof, it helps in reducing the cost of operations and also helps in making better coordination among workers which ensures smooth and timely dispatches. It also helps in improving efficiency and quality of work.
  6. As a customer-centric organizationwe are flexible and can work in line with clients’ requirements, be it round the clock at any time.
  7. Our expertise lies in supply chain solutions and cost reduction by making optimal and efficient use of all available resources.
  8. We have a team of committed employees with us. Committed employees are an asset to an organisation and are valued in more ways than one. Much like any relationship, commitment is at the heart of a healthy partnership. When employees are committed to their work and place of business, they are more likely to be happy and productive.

Committed employees take ownership of their work and are ambassadors for their company.

Along with our associates,we are attached to the following renowned companies at various locations:

  1. Godfrey Phillips India Ltd - 25 years
  2. IPM India Wholesale Trading Pvt. Ltd.( Phillips Morris ) 10 years
  3. Exide Industries Ltd. – 11 years
  4. Asian Paints Ltd. 8 years
  5. BPL Medical Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 30 years
  6. Chloride Power Systems & Solutions Ltd. 11 years
  7. Soril Infra Resources Ltd.(India Bulls )- 5years
  8. Rinac India Ltd. (new / 1 year completed
We can provide services across the entire nation. Presently operating in the following states:
  • Delhi
  • Haryana
  • Western U.P
  • Chandigarh
  • Punjab
  • Himachal
  • Jammu
  • Hyderabad
  • Kolkata
  • Bhiwandi (MUMBAI)

Contract basis team members – 120+ people