Uttar Pradesh’s Solar City Initiative Gathers Momentum: Ayodhya and Varanasi Lead the Charge

In a bid to embrace solar energy, Uttar Pradesh aims to convert 17 key cities, including Ayodhya and Varanasi, into solar-powered hubs. Ayodhya is already on track to become the state’s inaugural solar city, with significant progress witnessed in solar infrastructure installation.

The state government’s ambitious plan involves developing solar cities initially, followed by the establishment of solar villages. Ayodhya, at the forefront of this initiative, has already commenced solar energy production, generating an impressive 14 MW. An additional 40 MW capacity is set to come online soon.

Acknowledging Uttar Pradesh’s commitment to solar energy advancement, Energy Minister A K Sharma highlighted the state’s potential to emerge as a leader in this sector. Plans are underway to inaugurate a large-scale solar plant in Varanasi, further solidifying the state’s position in the solar energy domain.

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